17 September 2012

Enabling Mindful Managers


The effectiveness of team performance is typically attributed to the skills of Managers to show Leadership, Interpersonal Communication, Delegation, and a host of other related skills. The challenge many managers face is that their exemplary work as individual contributors has not prepared them with these vital skills. As a result, managers often invent a skill-set on their own, or model their peers in the field. We develop a more mindful approach that combines the natural behavioral strengths of managers in concert with a plan to execute on competencies crucial to the success of their team and their business.

Enabling Mindful Managers is a half-day workshop that walks participants through four specific competencies that enable more effective communication and higher productivity by connecting with individual motivators and stressors. Learners develop their ability to effectively Direct and Delegate tasks to others, Create a Motivational Environment, Develop Others, and Work with Management for Results. Learners are guided through the process by taking the Everything DiSC® Management assessment by Wiley and using it during class to create an action plan (see downloadable sample on this page). An accountability coach checks in on action plans two to eight weeks post-workshop.

Business Objective

Enable managers to mindfully create high performing teams based on the strengths of team members.


  • Identify and convey personal strengths in people management
  • Manage daily activities through prioritization
  • Appropriately delegate tasks based on strengths and business needs
  • Generate a motivational, strength-based workplace
  • Grow talent through positive coaching
  • Create functional communication among layers of management


  • Direct and Delegate tasks to others
  • Create a Motivational Environment
  • Develop Others
  • Work with Management for Results


  • Mindfulness Exercise
  • Identifying “Gaps” on your team
  • Enabling Mindful Management Experience plus Everything DiSC Manager© Assessment
  • Exploring your DiSC Style
  • Estimating others’ DiSC styles
  • Managing Stressors & Motivators
  • Conveying your Strengths
  • Directing & Delegating
  • Creating a Motivational Environment
  • Developing Employees
  • Working with Your Manager
  • Intro to DiSC Comparison Reports
  • Intro to Additional DiSC Reports & Tools
  • Detailed Action Planning with SMART Goals
  • One Individual Coaching Follow-up Call (30 min)

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