14 February 2013

Enabling Mindful Leaders

Enabling Mindful Leaders teaches tested techniques for addressing challenges to leaders at all stages of their career. The research-driven models in the workshop enable the most powerful solutions to pressing problems of emerging leaders and C-suite executives. Join us for a hands-on session to take control of the direction your business takes!

Business Objective

Enable leaders to mindfully envision, align, and enable employees to maximize productivity.  


  • Creating, adjusting, and articulating a clear and timely Vision.
  • Align levels of the organization to understand the vision.
  • Enable employees by leveraging and growing their strengths to meet the vision.
  • Establish a practice of mindfulness to clearly inform the decision making process.  


  • Craft a meaningful Vision
  • Identify and communicate Alignment around that Vision
  • Enable Execution of the Vision through coaching and feedback.


  • Mindfulness Exercise
  • Defining Your Challenge
  • Everything DiSC Work of Leaders© Assessment
  • Estimating Others’ DiSC Styles
  • Relating Challenges toDiSC Style
  • Intro to DiSC Comparison Reports
  • Enhanced mindfulness exercise
  • Detailed Action Planning with SMART GoalsEverything DiSC Authorized Partner
  • One Individual Coaching Follow-up Call (30 min)

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