2 November 2017

Emotional Intelligence for Sales

Developing the skill set for emotional intelligence helps with generally communicating with people, anticipating their emotional response and adjusting behavior to encourage a positive outcome. In a sales environment, having a high level of emotional intelligence with customers, suppliers, peers, and management leads to more sales – both in volume and profitability.

Emotional Intelligence for Sales is the best program to enhance a sales person’s “people skills” in the sales process. Rather than redefining an existing process, this half-day workshop uses a personalized Everything DiSC Sales® report to walk sales people through Personal Selling Strengths and Challenges, Recognizing Buying Styles, Understand What Drives Different Customers, Adapting to Different Customers, and Developing Action Plans for Challenging Sales.

Business Objective

Increase sales professionals’ volume and profitability.


  • Identify personal strengths and challenges in sales to know when and how to utilize a sales team environment
  • Recognize and adapt to customer buying styles to develop customer relationships
  • Develop a customer-centric sales culture by practicing emotional intelligence in sales interactions


  • Identify personal selling strengths and how to use them
  • Identify personal selling challenges and how to overcome them
  • Recognize customer buying styles
  • Adapt to customer behavior based on individual strengths
  • Approach challenging sales with confidence


  • Learn about your personal DiSC style and how it frames the sales relationship
  • Identify strengths as a sales person
  • Identify challenges to sales and how to overcome them
  • Recognize the DiSC buying styles and how they are seen from your perspective
  • Understand the drivers of the different customer buying styles and your relationship to them
  • Find common ground and learn to adapts to customers of different buying styles
  • Map a customer’s DiSC buying style in two steps (and using MyEverythingDiSC.com when smartphones or tablets are available)
  • Establish an action plan for a challenging sales interaction
  • Planning your Next Conflict
  • One Individual Coaching Follow-up Call (30 min)

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