Innovation Funnel

The Myth of the Innovation Funnel

Is the classic “Innovation Funnel” now a Myth? Alternative ways to look at a dated model of innovation, especially from a service innovation perspective: the Intentional Learning Organization A classic way of modeling the process of innovation is “the funnel.”  Lots of ideas are bouncing around – some big, some small – at the large[…]

leadership path

Leadership Education: Choosing the “Right” Path

Which Leadership Training option is optimal for you? When I started researching leadership in pursuit of my doctorate, ultimately leading to a 2007 dissertation on Innovation Leadership, there were dozens – if not hundreds – of books and articles on the topic.  Even discounting the writing that confused management (working with direct reports) with leadership,[…]

Intersection of Complexity and Organizational Learning

In a recent blog post, Dr. David Griffiths asks whether learning and development teams are doing enough to help meet their organizations’ goals?*  With the complexity inherent in the 21st century workplace, it is no surprise that institutions from the past fail to meet the needs of our current crop of employees.  Besides the abbreviated[…]

Attention! Retention! Interaction!

Are you looking for ways to engage your learners with interactive learning activities that promote attention and retention? Join us in Sacramento on Monday 8 April for the Enablement Expo, where you can elect to attend the entire day, a half-day (Leadership in the AM, Innovation in the PM), a top-of-the-hour session, or just browse[…]

Integrate the Human Factor in Your Work | Lotta Guru

Integrate the Human Factor in Your Work | Lotta Guru. The more we have tried to take the “human” out of “human resources” over the previous (modern) era, the less efficient we actually became.  Certainly, the work itself became less satisfying.  Fortunately for us, machines have arrived to perform many routine functions, yet it seems[…]

A new employee-employer contract needs writing!

In her blog about Job Hopping Is the ‘New Normal’ for Millennials: Three Ways to Prevent a Human Resource Nightmare – Forbes, Jeanne Meister proposes some approaches to counter the “HR Nightmare” of job hopping among millenials.  Here’s my take on why this has occurred, posted in the Sacramento ASTD LinkedIn forum: The unspoken contract between[…]