Mindful Presentations: What can go wrong?

Even media mavens can have challenging presentations…

presentation despair

#presentationfail can be despairing

A recent post by presentation design guru Nancy Duarte caught my attention. Mrs. Duarte relates an embarrassing incident that happened to the director and producer Michael Bay who froze during a presentation at a Samsung conference. Apparently the teleprompter didn’t work and Mr. Bay, after a few attempts at improvising, ran off the stage in despair.  (Click here to watch). A similar incident may happen to any of us (trainers, teachers and lectures). It’s awful when it happens (I had my share of mishaps). In my experience a good  thing to do to snap out of it, is pause for a second and focus on the audience’s needs to communicate the message in a simple way rather than trying to be too fancy. Of course the best way to avoid incidents like the one mentioned above, is to rehearse the material so well that we don’t have to rely on technology to communicate our message. I think that sometime we relate too much on technology when it comes to presenting. Any type of presentation software is only a tool to enhance our message but the burden (or pleasure) of the presentation is on the speaker. Effective, successful presentations are a direct result of clearly Defining the message you intend to deliver, Developing a compelling storyboard and set of visuals and audio to support the message, and Delivering the message in an intentional, promotional way. presentation hope But there is hope!  Join us for one of our Mindful Presentation courses, where WE can help you define, design, and deliver your message effectively – with confidence!  

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