The Myth of the Innovation Funnel

Is the classic “Innovation Funnel” now a Myth? Alternative ways to look at a dated model of innovation, especially from a service innovation perspective: the Intentional Learning Organization A classic way of modeling the process of innovation is “the funnel.”  Lots of ideas are bouncing around – some big, some small – at the large[…]

Minimum Wage and Human Dignity

How do we meet inalienable rights of all and grow our business? I was recently asked my opinion on the matter of potential minimum wage increases, which have been enacted in many municipalities around the country, and which is proposed in Sacramento as well.  Here is what I wrote: I do have two things of import[…]

Leadership Education: Choosing the “Right” Path

Which Leadership Training option is optimal for you? When I started researching leadership in pursuit of my doctorate, ultimately leading to a 2007 dissertation on Innovation Leadership, there were dozens – if not hundreds – of books and articles on the topic.  Even discounting the writing that confused management (working with direct reports) with leadership,[…]

Mindful Presentations: What can go wrong?

Even media mavens can have challenging presentations… A recent post by presentation design guru Nancy Duarte caught my attention. Mrs. Duarte relates an embarrassing incident that happened to the director and producer Michael Bay who froze during a presentation at a Samsung conference. Apparently the teleprompter didn’t work and Mr. Bay, after a few attempts[…]