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Shape your business into a Learning Organization – where your people are your most valuable asset.


Enable the power of the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team by Wiley and best-selling author Patrick Lencioni.


Provide managers with the leadership skills needed for today’s fast-paced, multi-generational workforce.


Enable the best from your employees through clear communication and true organizational support.


e-kwə-ˈni-mə-tē – noun. Mental calm, esp. in a difficult situation
Growing People Growing Business

The American workforce is increasingly frustrated by a workplace riddled with mixed messages, fluctuating commerce cycles, and uncertain career longevity. It is no wonder that 50-75% of employees state that they would take a new job with a new company after lunch if they were presented with a good enough offer. Perhaps you can relate.

Enabling employees is far more than empowering or praising them. It is about working collaboratively with the people in the workforce in a way that leverages and celebrates strengths of individual contributors. It is about understanding the needs of yourself and others so that good, functional communication can occur. It is about establishing a vibration throughout an organization that allows everyone to work toward a common goal – positively inspiring everyone involved within the company, with customers, and in the entire community.

  • % confident

    that they can accomplish their assigned work goals.

  • % see

    opportunity to advance in their career.

  • % Quitting

    after lunch if an employee finds a better offer.

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